Our 2009 Meeting was Held at the 55th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches on June 27-30 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the Topic:

"Building and Celebrating

Interfaith Dialogue"

     We extend warm thanks to our presenter, Rev. Mark Jensen as well as our panelists and all who were in attendance.  We also thank those who filled out evaluation forms for your kind words and helpful suggestions.  Both of our sessions were well attended and the topic of Interfaith Diaglogue generated a great deal of interest. 

Here are some of the comments we received.

"Mark's approach showed a depth of committment to the dialogue and a good selection of materials. His presentation was comprehensive and showed excellent prepartation with factual examples from the perspective of a working parish."

"The panelists' personal stories were helpful."

"I appreciated the openness of the leader and panel."

"We were provided with lots of good information and resources."

"Great topic and presentation  Please have again." 

"Should be an ongoing workshop for the future." 

"I wish we had more time for questions and answers."